I’m so pleased to welcome you back at EFIPS hoping that the new year  will be exciting and full of progress ,challenge and inspiration . Every new school year is a new link in our life as a school community where we meet new students and new faculty and staff . The academic journey goes on supported by the sincere efforts of all school partners and students. Make friendships , practice diverse activities and gain more learning experiences -  Principal - Antwaneet Al Nassrallah
EFIPS which was established in 2007  is a private school of 615students and 69teachers and assistants- a high ratio. It is located in the city of Al-Ain –UAE  and provides education for students in pre-primary ,primary and secondary classes.
At EFIPS our students are deeply  involved in active learning and encouraged to think critically and creatively. We have high expectations for our students and offer them every possible support to help them achieve their fullpotential. More..